Friday, March 7, 2014

How Much Do You Have to Hate Somebody?

A few years back, I saw a video of an atheist  discussing an encounter he had with a christian.  He said the man was very nice, genuine, looked him in the eyes, told him he was praying for him and gave him a Gideon New Testament Bible.

This encounter quite obviously touched the atheist enough that he felt the need to make a Youtube video about it.  Which you can watch a clip of here:

In the video, the atheist asks us to think about something I find personally very convicting.  He says if you believe in a Heaven and a Hell... and you believe that Jesus is the way to keep somebody from spending an eternity in Hell... then how much do you have to hate somebody to keep from telling them the truth... to keep them from an eternity of doom?

How much do you have to hate somebody to keep from telling them about an eternity with Jesus, about Redemption and unending love?  How selfish can you be to keep something so amazing and powerful to yourself?  The Message of Jesus isn't meant to be personal and kept to yourself... it's meant to be shared!  So please, don't be offended if I share the message of Jesus with you.  It's not because I think you are a heathen or because I think badly of you.  It's not because I think I am better than you... It's simply because I care.  Because I don't hate anybody enough to NOT tell them about the message of Christ.

-God Bless
Morgan Nicole :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

To the Heart Breakers

So here's the thing, I was burned by the heart breaker once.  It truly bugs me, especially as a young woman who got caught up in a player's game, to see young men going around using girls like they are play things.  Women are truly special and created with a much higher purpose than to be emotionally abused by an immature jerk.  So here is my letter to the heart breaking player... seven things you should consider BEFORE you break another girl's heart!  

1.)    Dating is not a game
Seriously!  Say it with me now… “Dating is not a game!”  Dating is a great way to get to know somebody you are interested in, somebody who you may spend the rest of your life wife... but it is not a conquest.  It’s okay to determine you are not meant for somebody after dating them (and yes most sensible women know that a relationship may not end in marriage); however, dating for the sole purpose of getting a girl in your bed or to add to your list of “girls who fell in love with me before I broke their heart” is completely wrong.    
2.)   Don’t date without direction
Dating simply for the fun of it is hurtful.  When you date aimlessly with people you obviously will never enter a serious relationship with you are just confusing both your heart and her heart.  Most women are looking for commitment... if you can't give it to them, then let somebody else give it to them.  Which leads into the next point...   
3.)   Stay away from “Casual Relations”
Don’t be fooled by a woman who acts like sex is no big deal… That is not the way women were created.  We are emotionally tied to men we are intimate with.  In fact, even a simple kiss releases chemicals that causes us to connect with each other emotionally.  The fact is, it really is almost impossible to have a true casual relationship with no emotions... somebody WILL have emotions, it's just the way we are wired.  When your head is contradicting your heart... it is very confusing and very hurtful. 
4.)   Women are More precious than jewels
According to Proverbs 3:15, a good wife is more precious than jewels.  Women were not created to be a man’s play toy… we were created to be your spiritual and life partner, to be loved and protected by you, to love you and provide the perfect form of companionship.  Check out this quote by author David O. McKay: “Women were created from the rib of man to be beside him, not from his head to top him, nor from his feet to be trampled by him, but from under his arm to be protected by him, near to his heart to be loved by him.”  Women were created to be precious to you… treat them as such!   
5.)    A little Aretha Franklin would suit you well.  (R.E.S.P.E.C.T.)
Meaning… learn to Respect women, their sexuality and their bodies.  Don’t tease them into doing things they shouldn’t do!  Be the man who strives to keep your woman doing the right and spiritual things, not the snake who leads her astray.  Also, respect yourself… YOU were created with a purpose much higher than breaking hearts.  AND, respect the men who will marry the women you date... which leads me to the next point.   
6.)   She is Somebody elses' Gal
Close your eyes and think about your future for a moment.  Imagine you find the woman of your dreams and completely fall in love with her and build a future with her.  Now think about her years prior to meeting her… imagine her being in a relationship with a man who uses her and hurts her emotionally or even sexually.  How does that make you feel?  If it doesn’t hurt your heart a little… you should probably seek medical attention.  Seriously, you might be a sociopath!  All this to say, the woman you are abusing now is meant to be some other man’s future bride.  Don’t make things harder for him by adding a level of distrust and heartbreak for him to work through.  Treat any woman you date respectfully as if she might be YOUR future bride.   oHow
7.)   You determine your own “price tag”
To put it simply, you ALONE decide your self-worth and ultimately the kind of women you will attract.  If you ever decide you want to fall in love and settle down with the type of woman intended for you and the girl your parents would be proud of… then you will have to clean up your act... But YOU make that decision.  Remember, you were bought by the blood of Christ.  He paid your price so that you didn't have to.  This means, when you set your price tag... you should leave you past out of it, remember you were forgiven for you rocky past, and decided to be the Man God created you to be.  It's never too late... 

God Bless
-Morgan Nicole 

Monday, February 10, 2014


One of the most common and recent attacks on Christianity is the claim that the Old Testament is outdated and inconsistent with the New Testament.  Even Mr. Obama himself claimed in a speech a few years back that Leviticus tells us to never eat shellfish and take up slaves.  It frustrates me when people who clearly have never read the Bible front to back try to interpret the small amount of they have seen.  

You see, the Bible is not random or out of order; but, if you pick it up and read random bits here and there... it will never make sense.  Quite simply, the whole book is about God's plan to redeem his people through the ultimate sacrifice of His son.    

So, lets start with a brief discussion of the Old Testament Laws.  We are talking about a very very different time in our history.  Because God is perfect and Holy in every way, He cannot be in the presence of our sin.  Unfortunately, at this time in history, Salvation had not yet entered the world.  Therefore, the Old Testament takes up much time describing what should be done to be "clean enough" to approach a Holy God.  The people in the Old Testament had to atone for their sin through sacrificial systems.      

Taking this even further... lets think about what is going on in the early New Testament.  The Exodus  out of Egypt has taken place and the Hebrews are wondering around the desert.  These Hebrews, God's chosen people or not, have known nothing but slavery and the Egyptian ways for many generations.  They doubted him, they worshiped other gods, and they were probably not always "clean."  Don't get me wrong, I think there were many of them that were very faithful people... but they were out of touch.  So God gives them the Ten Commandments.  These Commandments dealt mainly with how we should morally live.  Then God created the Old Testament Law.  These laws are the "clean" laws that are constantly quoted from Leviticus.  These Laws defined how to live, how to worship and how to atone sin in order to approach a Holy God.  If broken, some of these laws were punishable by death.  Why?  because once again... times were different.  God's people were part of a nation-state where sin was a huge deal.  Let's be clear... all sins had civil penalties, be it death or something else.  So the point of all this... to make it Chrystal Clear that we NEED Purification.. we NEED Redemption and Salvation. 

Fast Forward to the books of the Gospel and Jesus begins to paint a different story.  Throughout Jesus' ministry he begins to overturn the sacrificial laws of the New Testament.  When Jesus dies on the Cross, the veil in the temple is torn literally symbolizing the end of the sacrificial laws and the beginning of redemption through a savior.  Because of Jesus' death... AND resurrection... we no longer need clean laws.  We no longer need to atone for our sin or offer burnt sacrifices in the temple.  The Law has been fufilled.

So this is where things become blurry for people.

If the Law was overturned then why do we continue to follow some laws in the Old Testament... why can't we completely ignore them all?  Because Jesus didn't didn't change how we live... but how we worship and how we receive atonement for our sins.  

What Laws are still in play?  Laws of morality and sexual laws are still laws we should live by and are backed up by the New Testament and Jesus' ministry.  Moral Laws define God's character and the character he created us to live up to.  

Why can we ignore the laws that tell us to execute sinners in the Old Testament?  We no longer need to punish people personally for "sins" by death because we no longer live in a nation-state with God as the figurehead.  God's people live across the world in many different churches and many different governments.  Sins continue to be sins... but the penalties change.  

When read from cover to cover... The Bible makes sense and is completely consistent.  People, however, are not.  Lets not charge God's written word with inconsistency!

To sum up... A blog article I read recently put this all into a great new perspective.  As Christians, when we refuse to to follow the moral law God set in place... we deny His very character, His plan and everything He created us to be.  Likewise...  following the ceremonial sacrificial clean laws of the Old Testament would deny the power of Jesus' death on the Cross, meaning you reject his gift of salvation.  Therefore, the Moral Laws must be followed and the Clean Laws must be ignored. 



Thursday, December 19, 2013

People are taking this Duck Dynasty thing way too far...

          People are taking this Duck Dynasty thing way too far...   

          What Phil was trying to say was that sin is sin in God's eyes no matter how bad or good you think you are, we have all fallen short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:23) and must repent of our sins.  Nobody is "better" than anybody else and no sin is a "lesser" sin than anybody else's sin.  Paul tells us in his letter to Corinthians (6:9-11) that the sinful will not inherit the Kingdom of God and warns us to not be deceived.  He then gives us hope by saying "and that is what some of you were.  But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God."  Paul's message is very clear and unfortunately in our modern world... it has been very watered down because we are not "comfortable" with it.  The Bible is very clear on what sin is and isn’t.  Fortunately for us... the Good News is that no sin is unforgivable and all sins have been paid for if we accept the gift God gave us by sending His son.   

          Claims that Phil was comparing homosexuals to terrorists are twisting his words around and taking it the wrong way.  TRUE, some of what he said was a little Goofy... and he's obviously not the best at phrasing and wording his thoughts... But after reading the actual interview from GQ, I honestly don't think he meant for anything he said to upset anybody.  The interview was a very informal (they were hunting in the woods....) setup with a halfway goofy guy himself.  He was asked about these things!  His message was sound... it was just worded in a way that was easily confusing for some people... 

          The Lesson to take from all this is still... be careful how you say things!  Yes, you have the RIGHT to say what you want... But at the same time saying too much or the wrong thing can destroy your Christian witness as well as hurt others view of Christianity.

          And this is my opinion on this whole debacle... All I can say now is that I am sending prayers out to the Robertson family and seriously praying for this country and the spiritual warfare that is surrounding us. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

The College Top Ten...

When I went to college... I was not prepared at all for what I was getting into.  I thought I was ready... But as it turns out... College is a whole different world than High School: a world that will completely change you and force you to grow up.  A world where you will start on a journey that will shape and define the rest of your life.  How you chose to spend your time in College WILL have a direct impact on your future, your career, and your family.  So without further to do... Here are the Top Ten things I have learned since going to College and wish I had understood Before my journey Started!        
  1. Ask for Help... Seriously!  Ask Questions... as many as you need... ask them twice if you need to!  My biggest regret is that I didn't ask for help when I needed it.  But you are paying the University GOOD money for their time to Educate you and Serve you while you are there.  Most Professors will spend time with you making sure you understand when you express concerns OR send you somewhere that will help you if they cant.  Professors only help when asked though!  Forget those times in High School when a teacher noticed you struggling and came to YOU... College professors tend to have no qualms with failing those who don't seek advice.  So Don't be afraid to ask for help when needed... in fact... buddy up to your professors... make them LIKE you!  Also... Become friends with your Advisor.  If you get an Advisor that it is impossible to befriend request a new one.  They will be CRUCIAL to helping you graduate and helping you get into grad school/med school/ law school ect.     
  2. Explore Your OptionsThis one may overwhelm you and your parents a bit... BUT make sure you take the time you need to explore all the possibilities.  Look through the majors available at your college and the careers they are preparing for.  (Just don't take all four years to do this!) Don't just settle for anything.  College is meant to fine tune your education experience to prepare you for YOUR future. Which leads us to the next point...    
  3. Discover What you are Passionate AboutYou are going to have to be happy and passionate about what you want to do with your life...or your motivation will be...lacking.  I ran away from MY passion for three years thinking it wasn't what other people would think I should do.  In reality... You can't run away from what is written in your heart.  Chances are... If it's in your heart it may be the path God created for you.  Trust me... you will never be happy without Passion and a Purpose.        
  4. Take advantage of every Opportunity.  Make sure to think about any and every opportunity you have before turning it down.  Tom Vilsack, United Sates Secretary of Agriculture, told us at National Conference in April that sometimes... An opportunity just appears... and if you take it... it might take you somewhere you never even dreamed of or thought possible.  There is no way to 100% plan out your future.  So don't be afraid to do something that's not in the plan... It might just make your plan... Better.      
  5. Study, Study, Study...and Study some More!  I should probably practice what I preach.  I hate studying... I have a hard time focusing on one thing for too long.  But College, unfortunately, is a lot of information.  It really is important to review and rewrite your notes weeks and days before the Exam.  There is typically not much homework in College... which leaves you with more time to study for a test that counts twice (or sometimes three times) as much of your grade in comparison to High School grades.  Basically... you can't afford to make bad grades on college exams.  Which leads me to the next point...   
  6. Don't Panic.  You probably will make a bad grade or have a bad experience every once in a while.  It happens.  Professors are all different, you might end up with one that just simply does not teach in a way that helps you learn.  And it's possible to end up with one that is just... well... crappy at teaching.  Some classes are just hard... no matter which way you approach them or how much you study.  When this happens.  DON'T PANIC.  Panicking only makes you sick and feel like a failure.  Just know that you will never be good at everything... unless you are a genius, you won't have an A+ in every class...AND a bad grade won't ruin your life unless you let it do so.   So take a deep breath, pick up the pieces, evaluate your situation and seek advice.      
  7. Get Involved.  Don't let yourself be bored.  Homesickness will only happen when you are bored... You can only study so much... get out and do something.  There are millions of ways to get involved on a College Campus!  By getting involved you will be making new friends, building your resume', and making connections that can possibly help you in the future!  Friends and Club members are also a good way to find study companions.        
  8. Be PreparedThis is a no brainer... Be prepared for all of your classes, labs, student jobs, Club meetings, ect.  This will have an impact on your grades, your GPA, and your future careers.  If you need twenty calendars with test and meeting dates hanging up in your dorm to keep you strait... do it!     
  9. Be Wise and Make Smart DecisionsOther than Your RA telling you when you can and can;t have company and randomly checking your room for Alcohol (which you shouldn't ever have!) and Toasters (yep.. no toasters...they are a fire hazard!)... there is nobody telling you what to do and when to do it.  It's totally up to YOU now to make smart decisions.  Remember... Decisions you make now (even small ones like when you go to bed... what social events or parties you go to and which ones you stay the heck away from... when you get up... when you leave for class... when you shower...the way you dress...) all effect your future... and possibly your career.  Which leads to....      
  10. Don't Forget Who You Really Are.  These next four years WILL change you.  But..Don't Let your college experience have a Negative impact on who you are, who your parents raised you to be, and who God wants you to be.  Keep this in your heart and everything else will start to fall into place.  
P.S.... Don't Forget to Have Fun and Enjoy the Moment! ;)       

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel

I have been listening to this documentary (see link below) for the past hour and just couldn't get enough of it! Best hour and 10 minutes I have ever spent...

It's amazing really...when you stop to really think and really question what was going on in the first century... there is no way you can argue against the Case for Christ! In fact... Lee Strobel ends by saying "it was going to take much more faith to maintain my atheism than it was to become a follower of Jesus Christ" :)

I read the book "the Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel (which is what this documentary is based on) a couple years ago and HIGHLY recommend everybody to read it if you never have... My faith was strengthened so much by his testimony and research!